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Manfred Markschläger

Position: Managing Director....part of the team since 1998
Training:  Manfred Markschläger is a mechanical engineer and has a doctrine in lubrication.
Career experience: Manfred Markschläger founded PHI OIL and has worked for over 30 years in the lubricating industry.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Manfred Markschläger takes the liberty of making himself solely available for his favoured customers.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-mail: manfred.markschlaeger[at]

Michael Markschläger

Position: Managing Director ... part of the team since 2005
Training:  Michael Markschläger studied industrial engineering with business studies at the Technical University of Vienna and furthermore, has acquired an extensive knowledge about lubricants and their uses.
Career experience: Michael Markschäger has over ten years experience in the lubricating industry and manages PHI OIL since 2007.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Michael Markschläger is above all responsible for product development and business growth management.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-mail: michael.markschlaeger[at]

Thomas Haunsperger

Position: Managing Director ... part of the team since 2010
Training: Thomas Haunsperger build the basis of his technical knowledge at the HTL (Higher Technical education institute) and afterwards studied business in Graz and St. Gallen.
Career experience: Thomas Haunsperger worked for five years as a management consultant and also in a management role, and brings his experience in the areas of organisation, marketing and finance.
Responsibilties: At PHI OIL, Thomas Haunsperger is primarily responsible for business development and marketing.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-mail: thomas.haunsperger[at]

Technical sales and distribution

Hans Hötzendorfer

Position: Distribution and customer support ... part of the team since 2009
Training: Hans Hötzendorfer studied agricultural machinery during his apprenticeship and after two years of training, he specialised in construction machinery. He did additional studies in the areas of hydraulics, motor technique and electronics, while building an extensive knowledge of lubrication.
Career experience: Hans Hötzendorfer worked for ten years as a mechanic and operated the construction machinery, truck cranes and heavy goods vehicles. After this, he worked for 14 years for a well-known manufacturer as a service technician for construction machinery.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Hans Hötzendorfer is responsible for distribution and customer support in the construction industry.

Tel: +43 664 244 39 29
E-mail: hans.hoetzendorfer[at]

Ernst Strassegger

Position: Distribution and Customer Support ... part of the team since April 2014
Training: Ernst Strassegger completed his apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic and became a service technician, where he specialised in large forklift trucks. As part of his role as a workshop manager, Ernst expanded his knowledge to include construction machinery and heavy equipment.
Career experience: Ernst Strassegger began his professional career in a car workshop. He then spent 14 years working in the service of large forklift trucks and gantry trucks. For another 5 years he managed the workshop of a large sawing company in Austria and was responsible for the maintenance, servicing and organization of the entire heavy equipment fleet. He was able to expand his technical knowledge, as well as use his organizational skills, and was successful in increasing the reliability and service life of his fleet, while reducing the overall costs. Ernst finally came to work at PHI OIL with more than 20 years of experience.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Ernst Strassegger is responsible for the sales and support of our customers in the area of Styria, Carinthia and the adjacent parts of Salzburg.

Tel: +43 664 847 43 70
E-Mail: ernst.strassegger[at]

Carlo Wölbitsch

Position: Distribution and Customer Support … part of the team since January 2017
Training: Carlo Wölbitsch graduated from the Technical College for Electrical Engineering in Klagenfurt. His professional career has seen him working in various industrial facilities, increasing his interest and knowledge of lubricants.
Career experience: Carlo Wölbitsch’s experience of 6 years as start-up and maintenance engineer, allowed him to become familiar with various machines and their characteristic features. He was also promoted to deputy workshop manager. In 2009, his enthusiasm for personal customer service prompted a change in job and he joined chemical-technical field support.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Carlo Wölbitsch is responsible for distribution and customer support in Carinthia and East Tyrol, as well as specialist for the metalwork industry in Upper Austria.

: +43 664 427 55 72
: carlo.woelbitsch[at]

Günter Gleissenberger

Position: Distribution and Customer Support … part of the team since December 2017
After completing a technical apprenticeship, Günter Gleissenberger expanded his knowledge with numerous job-related courses, eventually finishing his extensive training at an international technology company.
Career experience: Günter Gleissenberger's professional career included 10 years of dispatching, heavy haulage in open-cast mining and mineral oil logistics. In 2006, he pursued his passion in consumer relations to focus on customer service and moved into technical support in the field.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Günter Gleissenberger is responsible for distribution and customer support in Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Tel: +43 664 847 45 45
E-Mail: guenter.gleissenberger[at]

Andreas Gruber

Position: Distribution and Customer Support … part of the team since May 2018
Training: Andreas Gruber graduated from the Institute of Automotive Engineering in Graz, Austria. From an early age he specialized in technology and soon found out that oil is not just oil. He further developed his interests and activities in the field of lubricant technology.
Career experience: The professional assignments of Andreas Gruber have been around motors for more than 15 years and include engine development for renowned European engine manufacturers, performance enhancement of engines, damage analysis, and prototype production for sintering applications as well as energy saving projects through oil conversion.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Andreas Gruber is responsible for the sales and support of our customers in the area of Upper Austria.

Tel: +43 664 847 45 56
E-Mail: andreas.gruber[at]

Christian Kiri

Position: Distribution and Customer Support … part of the team since November 2019
Training: Christian Kiri graduated from high school and studied German and business informatics. He further developed his interests and knowledge in the field of cutting fluids.
Career experience: Christian Kiri's professional career started with warehousing. After that, he worked in a company providing cutting fluid services where he was responsible for installation work, fluid analyses, customer service, on-site problem solving as well as machine and tank cleaning.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Christian Kiri is responsible for customer support as specialist for the metalwork industry in Upper Austria .

Tel: +43 664 859 96 02
E-Mail: christian.kiri[at]


Johannes Ebner

Position: Site manager ... part of the team since 2012
Training: Johannes Ebner graduated as an electrical engineer and then graduated from industrial school completing his masters training in mechatronics. He participated in a variety of further education courses in the fields of medical technology, mechatronics and lubricant technology, which enabled him to take a more diverse approach to his career.
Career experience: The professional career of Johannes Ebner encompasses a wide range of activities, ranging from classical electrical engineering, special machine construction, engineering and process engineering, international commissioning and training management of medical equipment to purchasing and product support in the lubricant area.
Responsibilites: At PHI OIL, Johannes Ebner is responsible for site management.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-77
E-mail: johannes.ebner[at]

Edith Schmidhuber

Position: Office work and customer service... part of the team since 2008
Training: Edith Schmidhuber finished the commercial secondary school in Auerbach/Oberpfalz. Her growing scope of duties include the areas of accounting and finances as well as lubrication technique.
Career experience: Edith Schmidhuber has over a decade of experience in the areas of sales, customer service and administration. After starting her career in the legal department of a bank, where she became responsible for sales activity in different sectors and areas.
Responsibilites: At PHI OIL, Edith Schmidhuber is reponsible for order processing, book keeping and general administration.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-12
E-mail: edith.schmidhuber[at]

Patricia Ortwein

Position: Order processing ... part of the team since October 2018
Training: Patricia Ortwein graduated from the BHAK Oberndorf with a focus on international economics and languages. She gained her commercial knowledge with the title of "district school master in keyboard skills".
Career experience: Patricia Ortwein worked as an assistant to management and coordinated projects ranging from delivery offers to financial reporting. She also gained a wealth of experience in the automotive wholesale and legal sectors.
Responsibilites: At PHI OIL, Patricia Ortwein is responsible for processing orders.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-15
E-mail: patricia.ortwein[at]

Torben Heinatzki

Position: Order processing … part of the team since February 2020
Training: While training as an automotive mechanic, Torben Heinatzki gathered knowledge about lubrication and discovered his passion for logistics. Thus, he apprenticed warehouse logistics.
Career experience:  Torben Heinatzki has worked 13 years as specialist in warehouse logistics in various companies. His career path spans automotive trade, forwarding, spare parts service and technical pharmacy. 
Responsibilites:  At PHI OIL, Torben Heinatzki is responsible for processing orders.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-11
E-Mail: torben.heinatzki[at]

Vildana Demirovic

Position: Order processing … part of the team since January 2020
Training: Vildana Demirovic graduated from business school and trained further in accounting and computer application.
Career experience: Vildana Demirovic has worked as an executive in customer service, quality management and human resource management.
Responsibilites: At PHI OIL, Vildana Demirovic is responsible for processing orders.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-16
E-Mail: vildana.demirovic[at]

Elisabeth Aichhorn

Position: Order processing … part of the team since January 2020
Training: Elisabeth Aichhorn graduated from business school Oberndorf and studied educational science in Innsbruck.
Career experience: Elisabeth Aichhorn worked lastly in the retail sector at the interface between expansion, sales and trainees. 
Responsibilites: At PHI OIL, Elisabeth Aichhorn is responsible for processing orders.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-14
E-Mail: elisabeth.aichhorn[at]

Karin Höllbacher

Position: Purchasing … part of the team since May 2019
Training: Karin Höllbacher graduated from HBLA Ursprung, school for agriculture and environmental engineering, with a focus on environmental technology, where she gained a basic knowledge of agricultural machinery, lubricant science and metalworking. During her veterinary studies, she deepened her expertise in the fields of physics, laboratory and technical chemistry.
Career experience: Karin Höllbacher has more than 12 years of professional experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, where she was responsible for quality management, project management, and the organization and direction of training.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Karin Höllbacher is responsible for purchasing.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-61
E-Mail: karin.hoellbacher[at]

Christine Eder

Position: Field Support … part of the team since October 2017
Training: Christine Eder graduated from high school, majoring in languages and business. Her family upbringing led to her being encouraged at an early age to follow more technical interests and challenges.
Career experience: Christine Eder started her career as a dispatcher at a freight company, before becoming a bank clerk with further responsibilities in marketing throughout Austria.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Christine Eder is responsible for field support.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-61
E-Mail: christine.eder[at]

Birgit Galler

Position: Product Manager … part of the team since February 2017
Training: Birgit Galler graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Salzburg and received extensive training in lubricant technology.
Career experience: As manager of a microbiology laboratory, Birgit Galler spent 10 year studying microscopy, analytics and bacterial examination. In addition, she was assigned the further development of automation technique, quality management and ISO certification.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Birgit Galler is responsible for our laboratory and quality management.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-41
E-Mail: birgit.galler[at]

Angelika Erhardt

Position: Laboratory … part of the team since March 2019
Training: Angelika Erhardt completed her biology studies at the University of Salzburg and completed a course in quality management at the University of Leoben.
Career experience: Angelika Erhardt worked for more than 14 years in a microbiology laboratory and dealt with microscopy, analysis and bacteriological investigations. As a laboratory manager, she was responsible for quality management and ISO certification.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Angelika Erhardt is responsible for the laboratory analysis and quality assurance of our lubricants.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-42
E-Mail: angelika.erhardt[at]

Evi Weber

Position: Accountant … part of the team since September 2017
Training: Evi Weber graduated from a business school in France and later trained as a certified accountant.
Career experience: Evi Weber's professional career is multifaceted, fascinating and includes numerous stages. Since 2001, she has worked as an accountant in several companies.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Evi is responsible for accounts and reporting.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-43

Anna Forsthuber

Position: Project Manager … part of the team since November 2017
Training: Anna Forsthuber studied International Business Economics and English in Innsbruck and Strasbourg. From an early age, she was surrounded by a technical environment.
Career experience: Anna Forsthuber coordinated various projects during her studies at university. Working as a retail executive, she expanded her experience in organisation and communications.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Anna Forsthuber is responsible for the planning, implementation and control of various projects.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-44
E-Mail: anna.forsthuber[at]


Franz Kirchgaßner

Position: Distribution and logistics......part of the team since 2004
Training: Franz Kirchgassner first did his vocational training as an agricultural machine technician and then successfully completed his professional driver qualification. To round off his skills, he did the licence examination for the forwarding of goods.
Career experience: Franz Kirchgassner started his professional career as an agricultural machines mechanic at a crane and HGV company, before he changed to goods transportation. In the meantime he looks back at on over 2 million HGV kilometres.....and counting.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Franz Kirchgasser is responsible for the daily delivery of lubricants and thereby also for customer service.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-mail: office[at]

Jürgen Marsch

Position: Storage and Logistics … part of the team since 2010
Training: Jürgen Marsch is trained in wholesaling, retail sales and as office management assistant. In accordance with the job requirements, he supplemented his training with warehouse logistics.
Career experience: Jürgen Marsch has gained his experience as an all-rounder in wholesale, carpentry, production and assembly.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Jürgen Marsch is responsible for the warehouse in St. Georgen and the reliable flow of goods.

: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-Mail: office[at]

Roland Markschläger

Position: Storage and logistics.....part of the team since 2006
Training: Roland Markschläger has a forklift truck and car licence. Thereby he is perfectly trained to fulfill his greatest passion which is the moving of every kind of motorised equipment.
Prior professional experience: Roland Markschläger has been an integral part of the PHI OIL team for many years.
Scope of duties and responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Roland Markschläger works in the storage area and is committed to a smooth flow of goods.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-mail: office[at]

Melanie Müller

Position: Work Preparation and Production … part of the team since November 2015
Training: Melanie Müller is qualified in retail sales with acquired knowledge in wholesaling and warehousing.
Career experience: Melanie Müller has worked in technical production, retailing and storage. She was initially employed as our office cleaner prior to changing to production within a few months.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Melanie Müller is responsible for work preparation, the filling of cans and grease.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-Mail: office[at]

Attila Steiner

Position: Production … part of the team since January 2019
Training: Attila Steiner graduated as a cook and supplemented his apprenticeship with a brewing and malting apprenticeship. In accordance with his responsibilities at PHI OIL, he has dealt extensively with the composition of lubricants.
Career experience: Attila Steiner worked in 4-star restaurants throughout Austria for 6 years and then worked as a brewer for 25 years. In addition to malting and brewing, his area of responsibility included the care and maintenance of the tank facilities as well as the assurance of product quality.
Responsibilities: At PHI OIL, Attila Steiner is responsible for lubricant production.

Tel: +43 6272 20 121-0
E-Mail: office[at]


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