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PHI OIL in practice

Instead of two pumps per year, only one pump every three years!

1.000 degree heat, permanent operation of the breaker, abrasive dust:
How PHI OIL wins over in the hardest of tests.

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Reduce costs by 35%!

Oil change intervals increases operating hours sixfold to 15,000 and at the same time increases the pump service life tenfold to 25,000 operating hours:
How PHI OIL delivers a return on your money.

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… great reliability of the equipment

A high motor cleanliness and efficiency, lenghthend service life, convincing reliability and operational safety:
How PHI OIL transforms error sources into top performers.

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"… we've saved 60,000 euro in 3 years!"

Gradients of 100%, altitudes of 1,500 m, tree trunks over a metre thick: how a stump grinder has risen to challenges for which it is not designed, thanks to PHI OIL.

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