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"Statt zwei Pumpen pro Jahr eine Pumpe alle drei Jahre!"

1.000 Grad Hitze, permanenter Hammerbetrieb, abrasiver Staub:
Wie PHI OIL im ultimativen Härtetest überzeugt.


Voestalpine Linz (iron ore handling)


Temperatures from 1,000 °C and permanent operation of the breaker means an extreme thermal and mechanical strain. Additionally, the entire hydraulic circulation is tainted with the abrasive dust.


When using the conventional SAE 20W20 motor oil, the pump life span is less than 700 operating hours (this means a usage time of about 6 months). The stipulated oil change interval of 2,000 operating hours from the producer is never reached.


Change to PHI OIL Universus Gold 5W40

Machines and Function
Breaking machines for the pressing  of raw iron pans and steel crucibles.

Affected unit


The pump life span is increased sixfold and accounts for a minimum of 4,000 operating hours. The oil change interval increases to 2,000 operating hours; secured through regular oil use analysis (every 600 operating hours).

Client testimonial

When we first took the device into service, we had a complete failure at least every six months due to a damaged hydraulic pump, which cost a minimum of 15,000 euro to repair each time. These brutal charges made running a business almost impossible. However through the detailed analysis and intensive technical support from PHI OIL, we succeeded in restoring functionality. Also instead of using up to two pumps a year, we now only need a maximum of one pump every three years. This alone means that the pump costs have reduced from 30,000 to 5,000  euro per year, not to mention periods of breakdown.

Rudolf Aumayr, Workshop Foreman heavy duty vehicles, Logistik Service GmbH


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