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"Reduce costs by 35%!"

Oil change intervals increase sixfold to of 15,000 operating hours increases sixfold and at the same time the pump service life of 25,000 operating hours increases tenfold: How PHI OIL delivers a return on your money.


Voestalpine Linz (steelwork, rolling mill, storage)


Enormous strain on the machines – caused by temperatures up to 800°C and the extreme dust absorption as a result of voluminous tank respiration due to the very large hydraulic cylinder (180 bar pressure).


Even though the ester oil used on the hydraulics at the beginning was changed after 2,400 operating hours, the life span of the pump was only an average of 2,500 operating hours. The maintenance situation was insufficient, dusty air was sucked in and damaged the pump.


Change to PHI OIL Universus Gold 5W40

Machines and Function
96 Tonnes of heavy straddle carriers from Kress manufacturer, deployed to transport the still glowing red steel slabs (800°C hot, 14 metres long, 100 tonnes weight).

Affected unit


The viscosity state of PHI OIL Universus Gold 5W40 improves the pumpability, which prevents the manifestation of cavitation. Even though the oil change interval was increased to 15,000 operating hours, the pump life span would increase tenfold to 25,000 operating hours. The condition of the hydraulic oil is periodically analysed to determine usage, in order to determine the optimal time to change the oil.

Client testimonial

We had five straddle carriers in use and used 22(!) hydraulic pumps a year, even though we changed the entire 800 liters of hydraulic oil every 2,400 operating hours. Now we have 6 devices in use and use no more than a maximum of three pumps in a year.  Instead of changing the oil, we now analyse the use of the oil every 2,400 operating hours to control the condition of the oil. The oil is in such good condition that it only has to be changed every sixth time. That means that instead of the previous six oil changes, we now do five oil use analyses and one oil change. In total the maintenance costs and the service costs of the straddle carriers through use of PHI OIL Universus Gold have been reduced from 80 euro to 52 euro per operating hour – i.e. 35%!

Rudolf Aumayr, Workshop Foreman heavy duty vehicles, Logistik Service GmbH


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