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Your Nr. 1 PHI OIL advantage: Maximum performance and maximum protection of every machine.

PHI OIL means maximum performance. For every machine. Hydraulic systems react quicker and need no warming up period; transmissions stay cool and work more efficiently; motors run more quietly and economically.
At the same time, PHI OIL means maximum protection. For every machine. The maximum performance remains constant over a very long time frame, even under adverse operating conditions like heat, cold, dust or extreme mechanical strain.


Your Nr. 2 PHI OIL advantage: Perfect lubrication was never so easy.

Profit precisely for your needs, fulfilled by the PHI OIL lubrication concept: It is clear. Simple, efficient and minimises oil usage. It considerably eases everyday life, reduces maintenance and storage costs and significantly reduces oil storage. Professional equipment is affordable, there is no chance of mis-filling. And: Lenghthend oil change intervals reduce service costs.


Your Nr. 3 PHI OIL advantage: Customer service only carried out by trained technicians.

PHI OIL pursues a unique service philosophy: Every PHI OIL customer is looked after by their very own personal trained technician. Your supervisor will start to put together an exact, individual, technically founded and commercially balanced lubrication concept, working together with you. In a running concern, there is always a direct point of contact available for you at anytime giving you quick and reliable answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. PHI OIL is the lubrication partner on which you can rely on one hundred percent.

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